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Ficus Benjamina 3L


One of the classiest houseplants is the Ficus benjamina. Its lustrous dark green or variegated foliage hang from its beautiful weeping branches. You can get the best results by growing it in a bright room or conservatory. Ficus benjamina thrives in full light, but not direct sun.


Plant is 40cm to 60cm tall, grown in a 3L recyclable plastic pot.


Bright but indirect light.


Occasional misting would be advantageous.


Keep continuously moist and do not allow to stand in water. Waterlogging equals leaf loss.


16-25 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Humans. May be harmful if eaten; skin/eye irritant.
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Once established in their new home, Ficus trees require minimal maintenance.

After settling in, they’ll do best in a place that gets lots of bright, indirect light and a regular watering schedule.

Ficus is a gorgeous, low-maintenance houseplant that thrives in almost any setting, as long as it is kept out of the harsh sunlight.

Interesting fact: Throughout the colder months of autumn and winter, your Ficus may enter a dormant period, during which growth may decrease until picking up again in the spring and summer.
Don’t over or under water your Ficus, as they prefer soil that always stays slightly damp.

Why is my Ficus dropping leaves?

Many of the small leaf Ficus have a tendency to lose leaves. This is usually caused by one of two reasons.

Reason 1: To grow successful Ficus of all types, requires good levels of light. Should the amount of light start to dramatically reduce, the amount of energy that the plant produces from photosynthesis reduces. If a leaf does not produce enough energy to support itself, the plant will after a time abort it, hence leaf drop. This can be arrested by moving the plant into a brighter position thus stabilizing the amount of energy the plant is producing to support itself. This happens a lot when the year moves from summer into autumn or when you move the plant within the house. (Move from a light place to a dark place).

Reason 2: Overwatering. All Ficus like water but on their terms not yours. It is important that the compost contains a lot of air. This air provides oxygen to the roots. If the plant is overwatered these air holes fill with water and the plant basically drowns. Result: limp looking plant that has limp leaves. If overwatered stand pot on a newspaper to draw the water out. Place the plant in a moderately airy place. The air movement over the leaves will cause the plant to generate new roots. The plant will recover surprisingly quickly. Maybe a week to 10 days. As with all plants moderation is better than excess when it comes to watering.

Botanical Name
Ficus Benjamina
Common Name(s)
Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig, Ficus Tree

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