Tropical Plants UK

About Tropical Plants UK

At Tropical Plants UK, we strive to create an inviting atmosphere where each team member is appreciated and every customer is valued.
Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards in horticultural production. We achieve this by carefully monitoring plant performance and regularly updating our growing techniques.
Additionally, we devote ample resources towards research projects that ensure the best possible growing and delivery conditions.

As a result, we offer the finest collection of houseplants grown in Britain, ranging from low maintenance indoor plants to attention seekers and rare and unusual tropical varieties.

How we care for your plants

We source our young plant material from a variety of locations around the world. These young plants arrive at our nursery in one of three ways, cuttings, tissue culture, and rooted cuttings. Our experts examine and health check each plant when they come into our care. Only when each plant has passed our checks, they are transferred to our propagation unit. When they reach the propagation unit, they are monitored for plant development and carefully nurtured over the next four weeks.

Each species requires different growing conditions and treatments. Therefore, our highly trained crop management team determines each plant’s best needs.

After four weeks, the plants are acclimatised and have fully functioning root systems. At this point, our growers give the plants clearance to move onto the main nursery. Once they reach the main nursery, our team space each plant appropriately and allow it to grow to meet the desired specification.

The crop is then made available for sale, and The Tropical Plant UK packing team is free to select the best-looking plants directly from the nursery on the day of packing.

British grown houseplants

We are proud that all our plants are grown with tender loving care in Britain. They are nurtured and cared for in our nursery and growing houses in the East of England.
Tropical Plants UK is also proud to be part of Opperman Plants Ltd., a leading wholesale supplier for garden centres and supermarkets nationwide.

Our family-run nursery produces over 8 million plants annually using innovative growing techniques to ensure crops are of the highest quality in both Tropical Indoor House Plants and Outdoor Ornamentals. As producers and packers, our team are highly motivated and passionate about plants and delivering our customers the highest quality and service.

British Grown Tropical Plants