Houseplant Care Guides

How do I look after my Houseplant?

Each houseplant is unique and thus has individual requirements. Although a lot of information is available on how to raise your plant without tantrums, it can take some trial and error to figure out what they like. However, there are some rookie mistakes you can avoid. Go to our website, search for the plant you purchased, and you’ll find a long and short description of how to care for your house plant below the product picture. Keep in mind – Everything is in moderation.


Is it important where I put my houseplant?

Where should I position my indoor plant is a question we are often asked.
In short, to ensure your houseplant thrives, it is essential to position them as close to its natural habitat as possible.

Bathrooms and kitchens, for example, have higher humidity levels than other rooms. Therefore, plants that require humid environments would benefit from living there.

If you have a plant that thrives in warmer temperatures, consider growing it in a conservatory or a sunny window, preferably west-facing. Other more cold-tolerant plants will thrive in any other room, such as your living or dining room.

Finally, water and light are essential elements for survival. However, too much light and water can do more harm than good. Please read our article ‘How much light do houseplants need .’ Also, our article on ‘The dangers of overwatering houseplants’.

When will my plant need repotting?

Plants, on average, require repotting every 12 to 18 months. Some are slower than others, but they all require soil replenishment.  Here are some things to look out for:

–          Roots growing through the holes in the planter’s bottom, or the plant being pushed up by the roots

–          Slower growth

–          The plant dries out faster than usual.

–          Mineral and salt build-up on the soil surface which appears as small white, grey crystals. Only ever repot in the spring ideally April/ May. This is the period of most growth. The plants will benefit form the extra nutrition that comes with new compost.


How much sunlight will my Houseplant need?

Plants require light to survive, so make sure they have access to it. Some plants require far more or far less sunlight than others, so experiment with a few different locations around your home. And if you notice it flourishing, you’ve found a good place for it. Plants will stop growing if they do not receive enough sunlight. Variegated plants need more sunlight than completely green plants.

How much Water does my plant need?

People are frequently concerned that they are endangering their plants by underwatering them, when in fact they are overwatering them. In nature, water would drain from the soil rather than sitting and drowning plant roots. Plants take up almost as much oxygen through their roots as they do through their leaves. Overwatering basically drowns the roots thrust killing the plant. Water sparingly, less is better than more.

Two simple tips:

1.      Lift the plant + pot. If they feel light, half a cup of water is usually enough water for a 13cm pot.

2.      Wait for the onset of drying symptoms. For example, the leaves start to go limp, the leaves start to discolour- bright green often fades to olive grey green. The leaf stems go limp. Apply water as above, ensuring that the plant pot is in a saucer to collect the excess water which will drain through the compost. The plant should very quickly rectify the symptoms usually within an hour.