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Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus 15cm


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Scindapsus has become a popular indoor trailing plant. It is difficult not to become attracted to its green leaves with silvery speckles. The cascading leaves look great in any hanging planter or trained up a moss pole. Scindapsus is very forgiving when it comes to light requirements so can make a lovely addition to any room. Not only does this plant look great it is also fantastic to have due to it being an air-purifier.


Plant is 30cm to 50cm tall, grown in a 15cm recyclable plastic pot.


Bright but indirect light. Almost any position in the house or office where these conditions prevail.


Mist occasionally.


Keep continuously moist and do not allow to stand in water.


15-25 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Humans/Animals. Toxic if eaten; skin/eye irritant.
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From the cupboard to the wall, to the ceiling to the floor, this climbing and hanging plant is equally comfortable in every single direction.

Originally native to Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands, Scindapsus is a member of the Aracea family. The plant is distinguishable by its heart-shaped, often shimmery and glossy leaves.

When selecting a place for your Scindapsus, keep in mind that these plants always grow towards the light. If you wish for the vines to climb a wall, support them using cable clips.

Place your plant in a location that is neither too dark nor too bright. If you follow this rule, you can literally place this simple and elegant plant anywhere! If you notice brown spots on the leaf, you should move the plant to a slightly brighter location. These brown dots suggest that the plant’s current environment is too dim.

Botanical Name
Common Name(s)
Satin Pothos or Silk Pathos

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