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Peperomia Nevada 9cm


A unique Peperomia. The Happy Bean houseplant has long, narrow leaves that look a little like green beans, but you shouldn’t try to eat them! This lovely houseplant, also known as the Pincushion Peperomia, can be trained to grow bushy and upright, or its spiralling and twisted branches can be allowed to grow their own way to create an uncontrolled, freestyle appearance.


Plant is 10cm to 20cm tall, grown in a 9cm recyclable plastic pot.


Bright but indirect light. Almost any position in the house or office where these conditions prevail.


Mist occasionally.


Maintain a regular watering schedule, watering when the top two to three inches of soil get dry.


15-25 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Human/pets. Harmful if eaten.
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In terms of houseplants, Peperomia’s are some of the most forgiving and minimal maintenance options available.

They are native to the rainforests of South America and thrive in the shaded understory of the rainforest.

Peperomia’s are slow-growing, compact plants that are frequently misidentified as succulents.

What’s causing my Peperomia’s leaves to droop?

Reason 1: Extremely dry soil

You may be surprised to see that your Peperomia’s leaves have suddenly begun to droop dramatically, but rest assured that this is normal  and can be may be resolved quite easily.

Keep in mind that peperomia’s do not like to be underwatered, but they also do not like to dry out completely. Maintain a regular watering schedule, watering when the top two to three inches of soil get dry.

Reason 2: Humidity levels are too low

A slightly humid setting is ideal for your Peperomia. You can increase the humidity in your plant’s environment by spraying the leaves on a frequent basis, placing the plant in a pebble tray, or placing a humidifier in close proximity to it.

Botanical Name
Peperomia Nevada
Common Name(s)
Happy Bean Plant

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