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Fittonia 9cm


Looking for an easy maintainable plant for your home? Then this would be perfect for you. Fittonia, also known as a ‘Mosaic Plant’ is easily recognised by its beautifully depicted leaves. They may be small but they paint the biggest picture. Fittonias’ can grow from 15cm all the way to 80cm, spreading its evergreen leaves, and by pinching the tips off the delicate veining, the plant will keep bushing out it’s silvery leaves.


Plant is 10cm to 20cm tall, grown in a 9cm recyclable plastic pot.


Provide a bright, indirect light.


Mist occasionally and keep humidity high


Keep continuously moist. Do not allow to stand in water.


18-30 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Non- toxic to humans and pets.

Its distinctively patterned leaves have earned Fittonia several names, including the nerve plant and the mosaic plant. Take special care when watering your Fittonia; distilled water, rainwater, or cooled boiling water from the kettle are all excellent options. Water it thoroughly and allow the pot to drain until no more water is dripping from the bottom. Overwatering is usually indicated by yellowing and falling of leaves. When the edges of leaves get brown and crispy, that means the air is too dry. If the plant begins to lose leaves, it could be because of insufficient light or a draughty environment.

Botanical Name
Common Name(s)
Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant, Painted Net Leaf

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