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Areca Palm 4L

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The areca palm is an elegant indoor palm that adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. Multiple branches sprout from the base to generate graceful, arching fronds that resemble those of a bamboo tree.


Plant is 100cm to 120cm tall, grown in a 4L recyclable plastic pot.


Provide bright, indirect light.


Mist occasionally and keep humidity high.


Keep continuously moist. Do not allow to stand in water.


18-25 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Humans. Harmful if eaten.

It is surprising to learn that the areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) is in risk of extinction in its native Madagascar.

The abundant foliage of areca palms is not only easy to grow but also useful in purifying the air. There’s a good reason for their widespread acceptance.

While this plant is low maintenance, there is one problem that can affect it no matter where it is kept: Be cautious for leaf tip burn. Leaf tip burn is where tips of the leaves turn yellow or brown. Causes include dry air, too much water, too little water, poor soil, or compacted roots.

Prune only when it is necessary and avoid cutting off brown tips from the leaves as this can kill the entire frond. For the correct care of an indoor areca palm, the right sort of potting mix is required. The ideal mix for palms is one that is well-draining and does not retain a lot of moisture.

Botanical Name
Dypsis Lutescens
Common Name(s)
Golden Cane Palm, Yellow Palm, Butterfly Palm, Areca Palm

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