About Monstera Thai Constellation

The Monstera Thai Constellation is a rare and exclusive plant that will make any houseplant collector happy. What makes this plant special is the variegation of its leaves.

As the plant grows and matures, the variegation, leaf size, and the number of splits in each new leaf increase. The amount of variegation is linked to the amount of accumulated light the plant receives daily. Therefore, placing the plant in a bright sunny window where the leaves will experience direct sunshine early each morning or evening is ideal. The plant is also known as a variegated monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant.

When your plant is delivered

When your beautiful plant is delivered to your home, it is essential that it is allowed to acclimatize to its new environment. Of course, the plant compost should always be kept moist. However, it is unlikely to need repotting for at least a year. By that point, training it up a Moss pole or a secure branch and securing it to a much larger pot will make it look natural.

Rare example of Monstera Thai Constellation Tropical House Plant

Completely Unique

Monstera Thai is a climbing plant that is highly precious and completely unique. The way this plant is replicated guarantees that every plant will always look different.

Each young plant comes into our loving care when it’s just 3cm tall. Our nursery team nurtures each precious tiny young plant through to adolescence. Then, when they are on the brink of becoming fully mature and balanced, they are ready to start their journey from our nursery to your home. Our experience shows that this is the perfect time for each plant to move to a new environment and adapt to how you wish your plant to grow and mature.

Monstera Thai is one of the rarest plants on the market and will put forward its beauty for you to enjoy every day. It is certainly worth the slightly higher investment to acquire such a unique and beautiful plant.

With each purchase, we include information explaining the physiology that drives this unique plant. So while you enjoy the beauty of your Monstera Thai each day, you will also understand what drives this remarkable plant.


15cm Monstera Thai Constellation Tropical House Plant
Exquisite Monstera Thai Constellation Indoor Plant
15cm Monstera Thai Constellation Tropical House Plant
Unique Monstera Thai Constellation Indoor Tropical Plant

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