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Pteris Ensiformis 9cm


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Pteris ensiformis is a beautiful little brake fern featuring vibrant hues of glossy green fronds. This fern comes from the tropical and subtropical parts of South East Asia and China and grows very well in terrariums!


Plant is 10cm to 20cm tall, grown in a 9cm recyclable plastic pot.


Position anywhere out of direct light. Bright but indirect light is best.


Mist occasionally.


Always keep the compost moist. Do not allow to stand in water.


15-25 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Human/pets. Harmful if eaten.
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For countless aeons, ferns have graced our planet. They existed long before dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Most ferns like moist or humid environments, whether they be tropical or temperate.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and dark hallways are ideal environments for ferns. Anywhere that does not receive direct sunlight.

Ferns should never be allowed to dry out. For best results mist occasionally and place your plant on top of a tray of wet pebbles. This will help create a humid microclimate around the fern.
Fun Fact: Some ferns grow on things other than soil, like tree trunks and rocks. These are called epiphytic ferns. Because of this, you can affix them to a plank of wood and hang them as a piece of living wall art!

Botanical Name
Common Name(s)
Sword Brake, Slender Brake

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