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Dieffenbachia Camilla 9cm


The Dieffenbachia is one of the most low-maintenance houseplants, making it ideal for first-time plant parents, and people who are frequently away from home. Its large, boldly striped leaves of light and dark green provide aesthetic appeal and sophistication to any room.


Plant is 10cm to 25cm tall grown in a 9cm recyclable plastic pot.


A very versatile plant. Position anywhere out of direct light. Perfect for low light areas. Great office and house plant.


Mist occasionally


Keep continuously moist. Do not allow to stand in water


16-28 degrees centigrade is ideal


Humans/Animals. Toxic if eaten; skin/eye irritant
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Dieffenbachia are adaptable plants native to Central and South America. They can thrive in a variety of environments. Their preferred situation is to be placed somewhere where they receive defused light. Defused light can be created by having a thin curtain drawn. This is particularly important when the plant is producing new tender leaves. These are partially prone to sunburn.

The biggest issue most growers have with Dieffenbachia is too much water. These plants grow naturally in the shade of other trees. As a result, they receive indirect speckled light, and less water than other more exposed plants. What they require in your home, is their compost to be constantly moist but not soggy! It is really important not to overwater dieffenbachia! If you are unsure when to water, it is a good rule of thumb to wait for the top 1 inch of compost to be dry before irrigating.

The leaves of Dieffenbachia tend to be variegated with green and white. As they mature, the plant will climb upward making it an excellent choice for illuminating a dim corner. One pest you need to watch out for is red spider mite. Treat regularly with a preventative pesticide for best results

Dieffenbachias are a great go-to plant for novice or busy plant owners, because of their easy-care nature.

But remember they are poisonous! Dieffenbachia are dangerous if swallowed! They are called dumb cane for a reason! If ingested they will cause the tongue to swell, preventing you from being able to talk properly, so make sure to keep it out of reach of curious youngsters and dogs.

Botanical Name
Common Name(s)
Dumb Cane, Dieffenbachia Camilla

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