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Chamedorea Elegans 15cm


An extremely beautiful small feather-leafed palm that grows slender, reedy trunks in the rainforest of southern Mexico and Guatemala. Since Victorian times, it’s been grown as a houseplant, gracing ‘parlours’ all over the country.


Plant is 20cm to 40cm tall, grown in a 15cm recyclable plastic pot.


Almost any position in the house where they receive bright, indirect light.


Mist occasionally and keep humidity high


Keep continuously moist. Do not allow to stand in water.


18-25 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Humans. Harmful if eaten.

The parlour palm is an easy-care plant that tolerates low amounts of light and dry air. It is also an effective air purifier, capable of filtering and purifying stale air.

For optimal results, grow your chamaedorea in a bright, partially shady location using free draining compost.

During the growing season, water frequently and fertilise monthly. Keep the compost on the dry side over the winter.

Botanical Name
Chamaedorea Elegans
Common Name(s)
Parlor Palm, Neanthe Bella Palm

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