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Begonia Indian Summer 13cm


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Introducing the stunning pink leaves of the Begonia Indian Summer! Feast your eyes on its mesmerising foliage, adorned with a captivating purple hue edging.


Plant is 20cm to 40cm tall, grown in a 13cm recyclable plastic pot.


Bright but indirect light is best.


Mist occasionally.


Keep continuously moist and do not allow to stand in water.


18-26 degrees centigrade is ideal.


Humans/pets. Not suitable for human or pet consumption.

Out of stock


Begonia plants benefit from bright, indirect light. This plant is adaptable and can thrive in areas with limited sunlight. To ensure optimal growth for your plant, it is recommended to place it in a room that is warm and free from any cold draughts. It is best to avoid areas such as entrance halls, front, and back doors, as these locations tend to have more exposure to draughts. It is important to keep in mind that this plant cannot survive in freezing temperatures or cold winter weather. To keep your Begonia plants safe, it’s important to shield them from temperatures that drop below 13C. These plants grow well within a temperature range of 18C to 26C .

Botanical Name
Begonia indian summer
Common Name(s)
Indian summer